· Seven Days / Stained Glass / Mirror for orchestra, based on the Creation (2006-07, approx 25')

performed by RTVE Symphony Orchestra and Adrian Leaper conductor

Video - full length

· Two Dreams

for flute, bass clarinet, trumpet, prepared piano, violin, viola and cello (2011-12, approx 10')

performed by RNCM New Ensemble and Mark Heron conductor

· Rain falling on Stained Glass / Stained Glass falling on Rain...

for flute, clarinet, bassoon, harp, violin and cello (2011, approx 12')

performed by Birmingham Contemporary Music Group and Edwin Roxburgh conductor

· Tangram for piano, (2014, approx 12' 30")

performed by Nicholas Hodges

· Torn Wings / Moments for piano, after La danse de Puck (2012, approx 6')

performed by Philipe Eames

· S.S.S. for wind orchestra (2012, approx 6')

performed by RNCM Wind Orchestra and Mark Heron conductor

· Mneme for piano (2013, approx 8' 30")

performed by Syuzanna Kaszo

· SPLC for 14 players (2005, approx 14' 30")

performed by ensemble So-Ri and Chang-Won Park conductor

· 1+1=1 / Panorama for chamber orchestra (2011, approx 8')

performed by ICP ensemble and Philipe Nahon conductor



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